VY bashing has grown tired

It’s bad enough that some “fans” bash Vince Young by calling him a bust and bringing up his supposed Wonderlic scores during and after each NFL Combine.

What’s worse are the journalists who cloak their campaign for the Titans to cut Young in the guise of “salary-cap analysis.”

Early last season, it seemed as if a week couldn’t go by without Sports Illustrated’s Peter King smearing Vince Young’s reputation as he campaigned for Kerry Collins to get a new contract.

Now, former Tennessean reporter and current ESPN blogger Paul Kuharsky has joined the “save salary cap space by cutting VY” chorus. Kuharsky ends his analysis with this amazing statement:

Barring a scenario where he replaced an injured Kerry Collins and had an MVP season or won a Super Bowl as the starter — and maybe even in the context of such unlikely events (emphasis mine) — it’s unfathomable that Young will be a Titan under this contract in 2010 — when he’s due a $4.25 roster bonus, a $7.5 million base salary and would cost $14.21 against the cap under contract and only $4.29 million if he was taken off the roster in 2010.

I have a couple of questions for you, and for Mr. Kuharsky:

1. If becoming the NFL MVP and leading one’s team to the Super Bowl is the standard that determines whether or not a starting quarterback remains with his team, what is the rationale behind the Titans’ decision to resign Kerry Collins?

2. If Vince Young was the 2009 NFL MVP and led the Titans to the Super Bowl, wouldn’t he be worth every penny of his 2010 contract?

If you’ve read Kuharsky’s writing and his chat responses, you know he doesn’t believe Young has any chance of succeeding as the Titans’ starting quarterback. I simply wish he and Peter King would stop using the salary cap as their weapon of choice, because I doubt their concern for the Tennessee Titans’ salary cap has anything to do with their suggestion that Young be kicked to the curb.


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