Titans face tough tests early in season

We will know whether or not the 2009 Tennessee Titans are for real early this season.

The 2009 NFL Schedule was released on April 14. Before the Titans’ week seven bye week, they face the Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers, all three AFC South division opponents, the New England Patriots, and the New York Jets.

Two of the critical division games are at home (Houston, Indianapolis), and two games are in prime time (Pittsburgh, Indianapolis). Four of the first six games are on the road.

Winning three of the six games has to be considered as a successful outcome. Of course, the Titans can win all of these games, especially after surprising all of us by starting 10-0 last season. Realistically, Tennessee is playing two very strong teams (Pittsburgh and Indianapolis) three teams with a point to prove (Houston, Jacksonville and New England) and a team with a lot of questions (New York Jets).

The schedule eases up considerably after the bye-week, with games against the 49ers, Bills, Rams and Dolphins. I’m looking forward to seeing Tennessee play Super Bowl runner-up Arizona Cardinals at home after Thanksgiving.

I hope the Titans win them all, but if not, I hope they win the division games and show everyone they have surpassed the Colts as the class of the AFC South.


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