Titans 2009 Draft: Depth Chart Analysis

While browsing the newly-redesigned Tennessee Titans website, I discovered a pleasant surprise: a current depth chart! Some teams, like the Denver Broncos, do not offer an up-to-date depth chart until training camp.

Over the next few days, I will attempt to deduce what position or player the Titans will target with its first- and second-round draft picks.

After analyzing Tennessee’s current depth chart and player contracts, and because I believe the Titans will draft according to need in the early rounds, I am certain the Titans will not draft a player at these positions in the first round:

  • Quarterback (Collins, Young, Ramsey)
  • Running Back (Johnson, White, Ganther, Henry, Little)
  • Fullback (Hall, Cramer)
  • Left tackle (Roos, Otto)
  • Right tackle (Stewart, Otto)
  • Free safety (Griffin, Fuller, Harris)
  • Strong safety (Hope, Nickey)
  • Kicker (Bironas)
  • Punter (Hentrich)

It is unlikely, but not improbable, that the Titans will spend its first-round pick on a player at the following positions:

  • Right guard (Scott, Velasco)
  • Tight end (Scaife, Crumpler, Stevens, Mulligan)
  • Left defensive end (Kearse, Ford, Hayes)
  • Right defensive end (Vanden Bosch, Ball, Bennett, Birdline)
  • Right outside linebacker (Bulluck, Keglar)

Now, we are left with:

  • Wide Receiver
  • Left Guard
  • Right Guard
  • Center
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Left Outside Linebacker
  • Middle Linebacker
  • Cornerback

At this point, the appropriate approach is to complete this sentence: We need a good, young [BLANK] to help us get to Super Bowl 44.

The Titans will select either a wide receiver or a cornerback in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

This being said, I immediately eliminate all of the offensive line positions. The Titans have one of the best offensive lines in football An upgrade at left guard would be nice, but is hardly necessary.

David Thornton and Stephen Tulloch are not All-Pros, but they are serviceable at the linebacker position. I’m not sure a true difference maker (like Keith Bulluck) can be found  in the late stages in this year’s first round.

The Titans have Tony Brown, Jason Jones, Kevin Vickerson and Jovan Haye at defensive tackle. This is a solid, if not spectacular group. Boston College’s B. J. Raji will be off the draft board by the time the Titans pick at number 30. Mississippi’s Peria Jerry might still be available, but Tennessee already has three “Peria Jerry” types in Brown, Jones and Haye. So I’m removing defensive tackle as a possibility.

Conclusion: the Titans will select either a wide receiver or a cornerback in the first round of the 2009 NFL Draft.

Soon, I’ll take a closer look at the players the Titans might select at cornerback or wide receiver.


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