2009 NFL Draft: First Day Recap

I knew Darrius Heyward-Bey was good enough to play for the Tennessee Titans. Unfortunately, so did the Oakland Raiders.

But after witnessing today’s inexplicable draft decisions by the Raiders, I am glad I am not a fan of the silver and black.

After the Raiders reached and drafted Heyward-Bey with the seventh overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, I knew I wouldn’t be overjoyed with the Tennessee Titans’ choice at number 30.

The Minnesota Vikings took receiver Percy Harvin at number 22, and the New York Giants chose Hakeem Nicks one pick before the Titans at number 29.

Kenny Britt was not my preferred choice for the Titans, but I’m glad the team chose him. I, along with many others, believe wide receiver is the Titans’ greatest need, and Tennessee addressed this need with a solid player.

Tennessee’s decision to draft a receiver once again debunks the theory that the Titans’ draft philosophy is to choose the best player available. Running back Chris “Beanie” Wells, defensive end Everette Brown, linebacker Rey Maualuga and defensive tackle Evander “Ziggy” Hood were still available when Tennessee chose Britt.

Kenny Britt continues the tradition of the Oilers/Titans choosing a wide receiver every eleven years. Kevin Dyson was the Titans’ first round pick in 1998; Haywood Jeffries was chosen by the Oilers in 1987.

Tennessee drafted former Auburn defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks in the second round. Again, the Titans addressed a need and decided to not wait until a later round and draft a player with little upside.

On day two of the draft, I expect the Titans to draft a cornerback, another receiver, and a couple of offensive linemen.


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