Meet Dudley Guice

Now that Biren Ealy is a New Orleans Saint, it’s time to adopt another Titans player as our favorite underdog.

I would like to introduce you to wide receiver Dudley Guice.

The Titans announced on April 27 that Guice was among eight undrafted free agents to sign with the team. Among them is former Iowa defensive tackle Mitch King, who Mel Kiper, Jr. believes has an excellent chance of making the Titans’ roster.

But I’m pulling for Dudley Guice (pronounced “ghice”), who some have called the next Marques Colston. Aside from Guice’s size (6′ 3″, 217) and speed (sub 4.4 40-yard dash), he’s also smart (graduated cum laude from Northwestern State in Louisiana) and ambitious.

How do I know he’s ambitious? Well, he took the initiative to create his own promotional website.

Here is how Guice describes his strengths:

I am a hard worker and self-motivated. I’m the first person at practice and the last one to leave. I’m an intelligent player and I believe my learning curve is faster than other players. I’m a versatile player that can play the X, Y, or Z positions. I’m comfortable at going deep or catching it across the middle. I’m also a resilient player that can take a hit and get right back in the huddle.

Guice faces strong competition. Currently there are eleven receivers on the Titans’ roster, including four rookies (Guice, draftees Kenny Britt and Dominique Edison, and undrafted free agent Philip Morris).

Guice’s chances of making the roster are slim. The Titans will likely keep a maximum of six receivers on the regular season roster. Justin Gage, Nate Washington and Britt are locks; second-year wideout Lavelle Hawkins will likely make the cut.

We’ll get to see what Guice and the other receivers are made of during the preseason.I’m looking forward to watching the competition unfold.

You’ve got to like a guy who knows he’s an underdog but believes in himself enough to create a website and showcase his strengths.

Go Guice! Go Titans!


One thought on “Meet Dudley Guice

  1. We had a fun pre-draft interview with Dudley:

    Dudley Guice Q&A With PD

    Easy guy to root for. We hope he makes the Titans!

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