Fan writes letter to VY

After Vince Young’s meltdown last fall, I wrote an open letter to the beleaguered quarterback.

Now, after VY’s comments about making a career change if the Titans don’t want him as its starting quarterback, I, along with many Tennessee fans, am very disappointed.

But I’m not writing another long letter to Vince Young.

However, “titanopolis” wrote “A Disheartened Letter to Vince Young” on the Music City Miracles Titans blog.

I agree with every word.

Stop distracting our team. In April you were determined to sit quietly as a secondary quarterback – prove it. Be OK with being the backup. Learn from Kerry Collins as much as you can. Secondly, play like you deserve to start. Because as of right now, you don’t. Nor is any team going to pay you what you have earned in Nashville for a job you cannot perform. So get out there and earn it. I guarantee you will feel better about yourself – and so will I.

‘Nuff said.


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