A new chapter in the life of Vince?

Methinks Vince Young may have turned a corner.

Revealing quotes in a Tennessean article by Jim Wyatt indicates the Titans quarterback is getting thing right between the ears, and on the field.

Here are a few key quotes:

“Every time I say something it is always going to get … blown out of proportion so I just have to live with it. That is the life of Vince and I just have to live with it.”

This is a healthy response. Young finally understands that pouting during interviews, or refusing to speak to media, is not the best response to the unchangeable fact that individuals will interpret what you say however they please.

“I can’t feed into what the fans think … I never thought about quitting. I just have to worry about being a leader for my teammates. I can’t worry about the fans and how they feel about me any more. I just have to play my ball right now.”

This is huge. Ideally, Young should have never been preoccupied with the opinions of fans, but when you received nothing but adulation due to his superior on-field performances in high school and at Texas, it’s easy to lean upon fan support as an emotional crutch.

Today, Vince Young is not receiving universal praise from Tennessee Titans fans, and he seems to understand that, again, he cannot sulk and refuse to talk to the media because a segment of the Titans fan base wishes he were traded or released, like, yesterday.

Young had great practices Tuesday and Wednesday, offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger said.

More good news. When is the last time anyone said Vince Young had a great anything?

“When I dedicate myself to something, I’m dedicated to it to the fullest, and when the fans (booed), it kind of hurt me a whole lot.

“But now, I’m over that and more mature, more older now. I’ve got a lot of people in my ear helping me get through this process, to get back to the top where I need to be.”

It’s a good thing that the man drafted to be the face of the franchise is working hard and wants to capture some of the success he had during his rookie season.

More importantly, he’s talking to the media again, and he says he ready to handle the boos.

There’s two months until the first preseason game. We’ll see how Vince Young handles himself on the field.


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