How much will the Titans miss Haynesworth?

Washington Redskins Training Camp Titans will miss Albert Haynesworth this season.

This is certain. The only real question is “how much?”

Albert Haynesworth was THE guy. He was THE guy who commanded double teams and freed his defensive line mates to make plays. He helped former defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz successfully employ a dominant defense that did not rely heavily on the blitz.

Haynesworth was THE guy who would fight fatigue and force himself on the field during a game’s critical moments. Sure, the Titans used a defensive line rotation, but it was not a democracy.

Big Al was Chairman Mao. He was the big boss man.

Today, Haynesworth earns a lot of money after taking his talent (and injury history) to the nation’s capital.

The Titans now have a lot of good defensive tackles. Most of them are undersized by today’s football standards. They are competent and skilled.

But none of them has the combination of size, quickness, power and savvy of the NFL’s best defensive tackle.

How the Titans handle the loss of Albert Haynesworth will be The Story of the 2009 season. I intend to follow this story closely.

Will new defensive coordinator Chuck Cecil call for more blitzing? Will the offense pick up the slack?

Who, or what, will fill the void left by Albert Haynesworth?


One thought on “How much will the Titans miss Haynesworth?

  1. Garland says:

    A healthy KVB will do the job, IMO. Until Albert’s play the last couple of years, the Titans have not exactly excelled at the tackle position. Yet they have been able to put together a very good defense most of the time (apart from the lean salary cap years). The Titans will go back to the formula of above-average-but-not-dominant play from the tackles with excellent play from the ends. With Ford and Kearse holding down the other side, they should be in very good shape if KVB is back to form.

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