Cowboys 30, Titans 10

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans post is a little late, considering this game took place two days ago.

You haven’t missed anything, and you’re lucky if you didn’t watch this” target=”_blank”>nationally-televised snorefest (if you’re a Titans fan, that is).

The Cowboys looked great. The Titans looked as if they resented having to play five preseason games and decided to take the night off.

Dallas has a solid offensive line, and Tennessee was not able to generate any pressure against it. Could this be a reality check for those who think the Titans won’t miss the presence of Albert Haynesworth?

The only player who distinguished himself is rookie running back Javon Ringer. He led the Titans in rushing with 33 yards on five carries. He also had a couple of kick returns.

Let’s hope for a better performance against the Browns, but don’t put too much stock in the Tennessee’s play if they blow out Cleveland. The Browns are a weak team and don’t appear to be playing inspired football under new coach Eric Mangini.

Go Titans!


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