Titans Week 3 Review

Green Bay Packers v Tennessee TitansBy resigning Mark Jones, Jeff Fisher and the Titans admitted they made a mistake. Jones was signed in the offseason for his return skills.

In related news, punter Craig Hentrich was put on injured reserved and knows his career may be over.

Like Bill Parcells and Paul Kuharsky, I subscribe to the “you are your win-loss record” theory. Tennessee is 0-3 and ranked 25th on Titans Tracker”s week 3 power rankings list. They won”t move up much if they beat the Jags on Sunday, but I”ll be very happy, to say the least.

It”s surprising how much sentiments have turned in favor of starting Vince Young over Kerry Collins. And I thought I”d be the only one banging that drum.

Earlier this week, Keith Bulluck made it clear (in a video clip featuring enough choice words that Titans Online removed it) that he still believes the 2009 Titans can make the playoffs. I”ll trust his sentiments if his team puts a “1” in the “W” column tomorrow.


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