Titans Tracker interviews 18to88.com

Colts blogger Deshawn Zombie of 18to88.com answered a few questions in anticipation of Sunday’s game against the Colts. Deshawn has more confidence in the Titans than I do, but he does not have much confidence in Jim Sorgi.

TT: I like Donald Brown. Will he push Joseph Addai for more playing time?

DZ: Everyone likes Donald Brown. The problem is that Addai is the better player. At the very least they are mostly even. Addai is a better pass catcher and blocker right now. Check out this post comparing their numbers. Brown is a great addition, but Addai is the more complete back.

TT: Does it concern you that the Colts have invested a lot in two players — Dwight Freeney and Bob Sanders — who have a hard time staying healthy?

DZ: First off, Freeney had one major injury two years ago (broken foot). Since then, he”s played in 19 of 20 games. He doesn’t have a problem staying healthy. That’s a myth. He’s played in 16 games 4 of 7 seasons. He’s played in at least 15 games every season but the one he got hurt. He’s played in all four games this year. He is anything but injury prone.

Sanders does get hurt…a lot. But there are two things to remember about Bob: 1. he’s not that expensive really. His cap number is only about $6 million this year and about $4 million next year. 2. He barely played at all in 2006, came back for the playoffs and was a beast. That’s all that matters. We want Sanders healthy for January and don’t care if he plays a down til then. Beyond that, the salary cap is going bye-bye anyway, so there’s not much point in worrying about how much players make.

TT: Recievers Pierre Garcon and Austin Collie are playing well thus far. Do you consider Anthony Gonzalez to be a disappointment?

DZ: No, why? He got hurt. That’s disappointing, sure, but that doesn’t make him a disappointment. His first two years were stellar; he was poised to break out even more when he went down with an injury for 8 weeks. Compare Gonzo to Wayne and Harrison over two seasons…he’s right on target for stardom.

TT: Let’s say Peyton Manning suffers a Tom Brady-like injury and is out for the year. How good is Jim Sorgi? Could Sorgi lead the Colts to the playoffs?

DZ: No. Sorgi could win you a game if you had to play Oakland. He could not take the Colts to the playoffs. It would be an total and unmitigated disaster.

TT: Much is made of the faith of head coach Jim Caldwell and former coach Tony Dungy. Does their faith carry much weight in the locker room, the organization, and in the city of Indianapolis?

1. The locker room: the players LOVED Dungy. They played crazy hard for him and were fiercely loyal. I think his faith was a big part of that. If you read his books, he certainly credits his faith in Christ for allowing him to have faith in his players.

2. The organization: the rumors I’ve heard around town is that Dungy had calming influence on the entire organization. Jim Irsay is a transformed man in the last 10 years.

3. The city: Their faith plays very well in Indianapolis. It made Dungy adored and has bought Caldwell a lot of rope. Dungy was a perfect fit, and Caldwell is carrying on the tradition.


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