Who will survive 2009: Fisher or Young?

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Tennessee Titans
By now, every Titans fan knows the latest in the Jeff Fisher-Bud Adams-Vince Young soap opera. Team owner Bud Adams wants Young to start… now.

It is clear that Adams and Fisher are engaged in a power struggle. Apparently Vince Young is not Jeff Fisher’s guy and he doesn’t want to start him. Texas native Adams, who resides in Houston, is a fan of Young and wants number 10 to take over for Kerry Collins.

Very soon, we will find out if Jeff Fisher wants to coach the Titans next season. If Collins starts at quarterback against Jacksonville, Jeff Fisher can put his house for sale. Win or lose, I think he’s gone.

Many fans are convinced (no pun intended) there’s no way the Titans will keep Young. They believe his 2010 salary and shaky career performance suggests he will be traded or cut, and they entertain visions of Sam Bradford or Jimmy Clausen wearing a Tennessee uniform.

As a VY fan, I hope he triumphs, despite Peter King’s irrationality and criticism by media and fans who will never forgive the team for passing on Jay Cutler.

Maybe Young really is a bad football player. As I heard someone say, it’s not a crime to fail as an NFL quarterback. I hope Jeff Fisher gives him a chance to prove otherwise… soon.


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