The Vince Young love fest

Jacksonville Jaguars v Tennessee TitansTitans offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger is not the only person showing love for Vince Young.

The most interesting development following the Titans first victory of the season is the outpouring of media support for Young… after one good game.

Peter King: “Good start, Vince Young. Very good: 15 of 18, and looking quite sure of yourself.”

Yahoo! Sports headline: “Yesterday’s five most valuable players: Hello, Vince Young.”

Bleacher Report headline: A Young Legend: Vince Young Grabs Reins of Titans, and Own Future.”

Last, but not least, a Tennessean headline: “Vince Young gives Titans look of a winner”

Color me cynical. I think the praise by mainstream media and non-Titans bloggers is more self-serving than accurate. Young did not become a Hall of Famer or a media darling overnight.

Let”s see if Young performs well over the next nine games before we shower him with praise or conclude he has secured his future in Nashville… and this is from a Longhorn alum sans burnt-orange colored glasses.


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