Sen’Derrick makes his mark

NFL: Hall of Fame Game-Buffalo Bills vs Tennessee Titans
Defensive tackle Sen’Derrick Marks has been a target of criticism by Titans Tracker. Marks, the Titans’ second-round pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, did not play well during the preseason and was inactive for several games during the team”s 0-6 losing streak.

Vince Young and Vincent Fuller are not the only players to rebound after the bye-week. Marks has received more playing time and made a significant impact during Sunday”s 41-17 victory against the Buffalo Bills.

In the fourth quarter, with 10:34 left in the game, Bills running back Marshawn Lynch took a handoff and ran right. Marks penetrated the Bills’ offensive line. He and Keith Bulluck stopped Lynch for a one-yard gain.

On second down, Trent Edwards dropped back and threw a pass intended for tight end Derek Fine, but Marks raised his arm and deflected the pass.

When asked why the Titans defense had success putting pressure on Edwards, a jovial Marks (he reminds me of former Dallas Cowboy Nate Newton) had this to say to critics like me:

I don’t think we did anything different than what we used to do. I see a lot of times where people say our D-line didn’t get pressure, or we quit, but they don’t understand what goes into playing D-line and how fast quarterbacks let the ball go, so I think we did pretty good today and we’ve been doing pretty good all year.

Congratulations, Sen’Derrick. You have made your mark in the National Football League. I wish you continued success. Your team needs you to continue putting pressure on opposing quarterbacks and to fill the big void left by Albert Haynesworth.


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