Stats back up VY’s progress

Arizona Cardinals v Tennessee TitansLarry of Checking the Numbers: A Sports Analysts Blog was kind enough to share an article he wrote about Vince Young’s progress. He, like many observers, believed Young’s NFL career was in serious jeopardy, but his statistical analysis shows the quarterback has improved his efficiency and decision-making since being benched in 2008.

In a crowded blogosphere, one person’s observations can be easily overlooked. I’m happy to draw attention to Checking the Numbers and I appreciate his objective analysis. I, like Larry, do not have the privilege of having the largest reading audience, but I hope those of you who read Titans Tracker appreciate what I’ve done over the last three seasons.

Of everything I’ve thought and written about the Titans, I’m happy to say that I was one of very few bloggers or journalists (Titans bloggers included) who never lost faith in Vince Young.


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