Steelers 19, Titans 11

Introduction: It’s been an anguishing 48 hours since I hit the publish button and posted this article after the Titans-Steelers game on Sunday. I received negative feedback, second-guessed my decision to publish the article, and removed it altogether.

After much soul-searching, I’ve decided to republish it with no edits.

Being a blogger means you triumph, and make mistakes, in public. And I’ve made a number of mistakes. What have I learned? What would I have done differently?

1. I would have given myself a chance to calm down after the game before writing the article
2. I would not have suggested that immediately firing Jeff Fisher was the best thing Bud Adams could do for the team
3. I would not have suggested that Fisher had a vendetta against Vince Young and Bud Adams
4. Since the character of the article would have been different, I would not have taken it down

For the sake of my readers, going forward, I will make every effort to be consistent and to be sure that I’m comfortable with the articles I present. I will also be a more disciplined, and courageous, writer.

Here’s the original post.

What I’m about to write is completely unfair to the Pittsburgh Steelers, because it will draw attention away from an outstanding effort by the Steelers defense. However, this is not a Pittsburgh Steeler blog, so here goes.

The best thing that can happens for the Titans franchise and fans is for owner Bud Adams to fire Jeff Fisher as soon as possible.

The day after the Titans owner leaves t-shirts for the team (encouraging them to visualize a trip to Super Bowl 45), during a game in which Pittsburgh’s defense played up to its reputation by shutting down the Titans offense, Jeff Fisher pulled struggling quarterback Vince Young out of the game in favor of Kerry Collins.

Fisher took yet another opportunity to humiliate VY, thumb his nose in Adams’ face, and roll the dice with his guy Collins.

The gamble didn’t work. CBS commentator Solomon Wilcots was mistaken to defend Collins’ poor passes. Joe Montana could not have penetrated the Steel Curtain today.

While Young was in the game, offensive coordinator Mike Heimerdinger did not call plays that attacked the edges of the Steelers defense. Heimerdinger did not call quick passes until the fourth quarter.

This is not to say that Vince Young wasn’t at fault. Young played poorly, and one of his biggest weaknesses — not taking care of the football, hurt his team’s chance today.

However, the Pittsburgh Steelers have made a lot of very good quarterbacks look bad. With this in mind, is pulling your starting quarterback during the third quarter of a game still within reach the best strategy to employ?

It’s hard to bounce back from adversity when your coach doesn’t give you a chance. Perfection is an impossible standard to achieve on a regular basis.

Has Fisher unfairly set the bar too high for VY? Or is Young merely the key pawn in a power struggle between Fisher and Adams?

I am surprised that Fisher and Young are still with the Titans. Early in 2009, I thought the Titans might let go of Young. Later, I thought Adams might fire Fisher at the end of the season.

I think Adams made a mistake by keeping Fisher. Today’s misguided decision and his lack of preparation for the Steelers game makes it crystal clear that Fisher is not the coach who has the wisdom and talent to take Adams’ team to the Super Bowl.

Any coach who places a personal vendetta against the team owner and his starting quarterback ahead of the best interest of his team does not deserve to keep his job.

No player, or coach, is bigger than the team.

Bud Adams, please do yourself, the Titans organization, and Titans fans a big favor.

Fire Jeff Fisher.

Go Titans!


2 thoughts on “Steelers 19, Titans 11

  1. jim Wood says:

    I don’t think Fisher is the problem. VY’s intelligence is the problem. He’s too slow of a learner. In today’s NFL, the QB position needs some head smarts as well as a great arm.

    VY is still learning after several years in the league. He should know it by now. Get rid of VY at the end of the season. Can’t trade him, since I’m not sure if any team will want him.

  2. titansfan68 says:

    Good article, you did good to publish it again without editing. I agree with you, Fisher’s preparation of the offensive game plan, is what should have been hammered that week. They showed Oakland so many different things and then did nothing against the Steelers. How can you come out with vanilla game planning against the Steelers and everything we got game call vs Raiders? Vince did have a tough time holding on to the ball, but so did Kerry. He threw an interception and fumbled the ball twice himself. Jeff is the biggest part of the Titans inconsistency. Look at the great seasons and teams we have had over the years only to be stalled by conservative play calling. If he doesn’t have any confidence in what his team is capable of, why keep him. He so bullheaded he won’t adjust. Most games are tight for this very reason, and when he does make adjustments, it’s usually too late because there is simply not enough time left. On a big scale last year was a prime example, he was too bullheaded to adjust and give Vince the start, so we did not have enough games left to make it to the playoffs.

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