Colts 23, Titans 20

I, along with the majority of the free world, expected the Tennessee Titans to lose to the Indianapolis Colts today.

I did not expect the Titans to be competitive, and I assumed the excitement of the week would begin on Monday, when  Bud Adams will make a decision about Jeff Fisher’s future with the team.

Boy, was I wrong. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so good after a loss. Why?

The Titans took risks and played to win. Had Kerry Collins and Kevin Matthews not botched a snap shortly after a Michael Griffin fumble recovery late in the 4th quarter, Tennessee could have won.

Also, performances by Kenny Britt, Damian Williams and Jared Cook indicate that the Titans will have a potent offense in 2011, regardless of who calls the signals.

On the second play of the game, Williams took the snap and ran for five yards. Where was this type of playcalling earlier this year? Is this a sign of more exciting things to come?

Also, Rob Bironas tried a 61-yard field goal. The attempt almost backfired, as Antoine Bethea almost returned the kick for a touchdown.

Collins had a great game (minus his last play) and Kenny Britt confirmed he has the goods to be an NFL star. On the defensive side, the Titans did enough to make Perfection (Peyton Manning) look slightly above average, and they held Indy to 23 points. If Colts receivers had not dropped so many passes, the game probably wouldn’t have been close.

Stephen Tulloch sacked Manning on the Colts’ first offensive play. This was the only sack by the Titans’ defense.

Chris Johnson carried the ball 20 times for 39 yards. It’s hard to make yards when your offensive linemen continue to do a poor job at run blocking.

News Flash
Randy Moss played in the game!

News Flash II
Randy Moss made a catch! It really wasn’t a catch, but, oh well, Moss will take it. It goes in the history books as a 14-yard gain.

News Flash III
Titans fans, say hello to your new starting tight end. Jared Cook caught 7 passes for 58 yards.

Question of the Night
Did Jeff Fisher save his job?

His players performed well and Tennessee came within three points of defeating a team at home trying to earn a playoff spot. However, the Titans finished 6-10, losing eight of its last nine games.

This is not acceptable.

Bud Adams, the spotlight is on you. The real excitement begins tomorrow.

Go Titans!


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