Will the Titans cut Vince Young?

I watched Jeff Fisher’s press conference today (audio here), and now I have to reevaluate everything I thought might happen this week.

Obviously, Jeff Fisher was not fired this morning. After hearing him speak, I don’t expect him to be fired. However, he may resign if Bud Adams insists that he coach Vince Young in 2011.

I’m assuming that if Adams had intended to fire Fisher, he would have done so this morning. Instead of firing Fisher, Adams issued a statement this afternoon which includes the following:

“There are several things that need to be considered in this evaluation process, including Jeff’s history with our team, the labor situation and other challenges.”

How do you spell “other challenges”? V-I-N-C-E Y-O-U-N-G. Titans fans may not be stuck with Fisher and Young after all.

If I’m Young, I’m sweating right now, and here’s why.

During the press conference, I saw a weary but very confident head coach. Fisher repeated that he is currently under contract and wants to finish his career as the coach of the Tennessee Titans.

Fisher said the team needs stability at the quarterback position. His reaction to questions about Young was chilly and sharp. He did not sound like a man who had any interest in coexisting with Young or managing another meltdown by the talented but temperamental quarterback.

Additionally, I got the sense that he doesn’t feel as if he is on a hot seat. He knows if Adams fires him, other teams will see him as a hot commodity (although I and the writer of this article don’t know why).

Earlier today, Adams met with General Manager Mike Reinfeldt and Senior Executive V.P. Steve Underwood in Houston. Again, Adams did not send Reinfeldt and Underwood back to Nashville with a pink slip for Fisher.

I can only assume that Adams is having second thoughts about his favored son. Perhaps Adams is becoming convinced (pun not intended) that “his guy” may not be the best guy to play quarterback for the Titans in 2011.

The more I think about it, the more I realize it would be stupid (there’s no other way to say it) for Adams to elevate any player above a head coach, especially a petulant quarterback whose Kryptonite is boos coming from disappointed Titans fans.

As much as I think Fisher deserves to be fired (like, many year ago), he is still the head coach, and a respected one by his players and by many others around the league. Vince Young’s decision to undermine his coach may have ended his career in Nashville, and his statement “I’m not walking out on my team. I’m walking out on you (Fisher)” may be the quarterback’s famous last words as a Titan.

If Adams concludes that Young has become a locker room distraction, he may decide to cut the quarterback. Cutting Young only makes sense. VY will be owed $8.5 million in salary and a $4.25 million roster bonus once the new collective bargaining agreement is reached.

Is it conceivable that Bud Adams will decide in favor of his long-time head coach and say goodbye to his favored son? Will the Titans cut Vince Young?


2 thoughts on “Will the Titans cut Vince Young?

  1. ACE says:

    At this point as a african american Tennessean, i am not surprised. Look, Steve McNair was locked out for unknown reasons. There is more to this than we will ever know. FACT: what african american has retired as a Titan?? Answer: zero
    Question: Will there ever be a african american to be able to retire as a Titan?
    FACT: only three retired as Oilers #1 Warren Moon; #34 Earl Campbell; #65 Elvin Bethea


  2. Will says:

    Ace, as a counterpoint, the last 3 franchise quarterbacks for the Oilers/Titans were African-American, which I think is extraordinary. I give Adams a lot of credit for bringing in Warren Moon. Tennessee fans loved McNair. Things just didn’t work out for VY.

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