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Welcome to the Jake Locker era


I could not be happier that Tennessee took a bold step and drafted Jake Locker to be the team’s next franchise quarterback. The Good Lord must have wanted me to continue writing for Titans Tracker.

Folks, the person typing this was (and still is) one of Vince Young’s biggest fans. Tonight, I could not be more excited for the future of my favorite team.

And yes, the Titans proved once again that mock drafts are utterly worthless and a huge waste of time.

I don’t have an objective explanation on why I thought Locker might be the Titans guy. I, like Jon Gruden, simply had a hunch about him.

I studied Blaine Gabbert. I studied Andy Dalton. I’ve watched Colin Kaepernick over the past four years. I’d only taken a close look at Locker over the past week.

My hunch was, along with Cam Newton, that Jake Locker is the only other “it” quarterback in the draft.

I’ve been an avid NFL fan for over three decades, and I trust my hunches.

Locker is a guy who endured a winless sophomore campaign and didn’t bail on his program at the University of Washington after his junior year.

He’s smart, tough, and athletic. Yes, he’s not the most accurate guy, but ponder this.

These are the college stats of a future Hall-of-Fame quarterback.

Comp Att % Yards TD INT
79 194 40.7 1264 15 13
178 319 55.8 2271 16 5
206 381 54.1 2588 14 10
150 275 54.5 1572 7 6

Who is the quarterback?

Brett Lorenzo Favre.

Rest easy, Titans fans. This is going to be a fun ride.

Jake Locker, welcome to the NFL.

Go Titans!